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Statement of Purpose for My Passion for Culinary Arts

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I was always in the kitchen helping my mom cook dinner. I made baked ziti, empanadas, sweet potato pie, and other foods.When I was in high school, I lived with my father,and after my older siblings grew up it was just me and my little sister so I was responsible for cooking the meals. I was cooking for my family an average of seven days a week and I was never tired or bored, I enjoyed it. I developed a strong passion for culinary arts. I am passionate about it because it excites me, inspires me, and encourages me to open a restaurant.

To begin with, the culinary arts is my passion because it excites me. The culinary arts is a competitive field and I love the thrill of competition. It allows me to reach the height of my potential, in addition, compare my skills with other people who have the same passion as I do. While I'm cooking my senses explode when the collaboration of components create sensational textures, aromas, and colors.When I'm baking I enjoy the science involved with timing, measuring, and patience as the results always excites me. For instance, it excites me how a French croissant starts as a dough and transforms into a beautiful golden crescent with layers of soft, flaky, and buttery pastry inside. The ingenuity is also what excites me about culinary arts because everything is art, from plate decorations, to the food its self. I…

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Essay on Working in the Kitchen: Culinary Arts

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Most of us have a general outlook about what a career consists of. Despite that details are not always identified, the smallest niceties should be considered. In today’s economy, competition is rapidly expanding as well as a demand for individuality and talent. Having the components and knowledge can make a “make it or break it” massive difference in your career and the industry. Cooking involves your five senses and reaches further into other abilities. Culinary is an asset to the Arts careers that involve utmost creativity, technique, and history. Foretold, bright colors and abstract images attract the human eye. It is when we are attracted that we are interested. Food decorating is a technical skill, for presentation and…show more content…

These careers are hands and can keep you active, productive and maybe even help to relieve stress. By the same token, there are some facts and safety rules that need to be acknowledged. It would be awful if we were not aware of rules and regulations and how terrible would an accident be. A construction worker can be drawn into dangerous situations, and a chef is no different. This all depends on varying circumstances. The main cause of house fires and other injuries is peoples’ inattentiveness and distracted behavior. It is no mystery that, unattended food will eventually start to burn. It would be convenient if we had a small television in our kitchen, so we can enjoy the soap opera while making an omelet. It is a fact that injuries from cooking fires are most common among people between the ages of 30 to 49.

( People can become disfigured in a fire, or lose a part of their body. This is horrid and a very sad effect of carelessness. There are some tips to help prevent grease fires, such as putting a lid on the pan, or tossing baking soda on the flames. Several suggested safety rules for the stove are, to prevent boil-over’s use the adequate amount of ingredients or liquids, avoid grease spills that may catch on fire, keep your station clean, use wooden utensils, etcetera.
Furthermore, the importance of table etiquette is not forgotten. We must know how to behave in

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