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(May 30, 2006)

Life is full of unexpected surprises. There are many opportunities when one can secretly wish for something exciting to happen – something out of the ordinary. The real surprise is when the wish unexpectedly comes true. I never believed that something like this could ever happen to me; such a thing that would make me stop and look back at the events in awe. I think you would agree that something as simple as being lost in the forest for less than ten minutes should have no influence on my life. If you do agree, that makes both of us wrong.

Throughout my childhood, I loved the wild. My family and I would always go for a walk in the downtown forest of Coote’s Paradise. There were many times I thought of what could happen if we were to lose our way from the trail and have to live off of the land until we found our way back to civilization. I thought it would be the greatest experience ever.

As my brothers and I grew older, we continued to go for these walks with our parents but the dreams of living in the forest I soon forgot. That’s when it happened. We decided to take a different path off the main trail. Before I knew it, the path had disappeared and no one in my family could tell where we had come from. It was so unexpected. It gave me a feeling of excitement that can’t be described. Everything in the forest seemed different. The trees were a deeper shade of green. The birds chirped in a different tone. Vines covered almost every inch of the ground. One part of me never wanted this moment to end. I felt completely free from the stress of my life outside of the woods. It was this moment that I realized that I would much rather stay here for the rest of my life than go back to society.

I think that another reason that I felt carefree was because my parents didn’t panic. They took the situation under control and headed for any open area in hopes to find a map (many of these maps were found throughout the grounds, telling you where you were). From my point of view, at the time, it seemed as if they were excited as I was about losing our way. In the end, it only took my parents ten minutes to find such a map and we were back on the trail in no time.

An experience like this made me think about my place in life. I’m the type who loves seeking out adventures. When we were lost, I realized that I had everything I would ever need with me – my family. They’ve always supported me in everything I do. This experience made me realize that families need to stick together; you don’t realize how much you need them until, for a moment, you think they’ll be the last people you see for the rest of your life.

It’s incredible how much a simple thing like being lost in a forest for ten minutes will affect your outlook on life. Things like not being able to find your way back to where you came from make you appreciate the little things in life. Looking back on the day, I realize now that it was fate. Moments like that are few and far between and should be taken as a lesson. Surprises like this were, and always will be, an unexpected gift for all.

My Dream Car

Each essay has a title or question that is answered in the discussion. In the introduction, the main topics to be addressed in the body paragraphs are summarized. A thesis statement highlights the areas to be addressed in a sentence that is positioned either as the first or the last sentence in the introductory section. The body paragraph section covers an in-depth analysis of the topic at hand. Topic sentences are used to introduce new ideas to the various paragraphs in the essay, and the introduced ideas or facts are presented using supporting sentences. The final section is the conclusion, which involves a summary of the main arguments made in the essay. The sources of material that have been used in the development of the paper should be cited using an appropriate formatting style.

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How to start

Most people have an idea of the perfect or dream car they would like to possess at a certain point. An article on my dream car should be started  by indicating the vehicle of your dreams.

Nissan GTR is my favorite car. It is a symbol of prestige, speed, and elegance. If you are the type of a person who is interested in buying your car and feel safe while you are at it, this is your car.

How to write a body paragraphs

This section should involve pointing out you’re the dream car of your choice, why you settled on the car and the development of a compelling argument on the selected car.

The Nissan GTR can accommodate four passengers. It has some features that make it the car of my choice. My favorite feature in the car will have to be the heated driver’s seat that is highly essential in keeping me warm particularly during the winter.

There are additional functions that contribute to the cars’ efficiency. These features make it safe on the roads, thus eliminating the need for regular repairs. For instance, the Brembo ® braking system makes it possible for one to drive down a hill without necessarily burning out your cars braking system.

It also has a brilliant engine, it is turbocharged and has a V’6 cylinder engine. The Nissan GTR is also driven on four wheels in that in the event the front wheels get stuck, the back wheels can help in pulling the car out. The car is also keyless, and it comes equipped with free hands calling, as well as wireless navigation. The car is also fitted with leather seats, which are easy to maintain.

How to conclude

A piece on my dream car should be concluded by summarizing the main arguments brought forward in the discussion.

In conclusion, the Nissan GTR is a symbol of prestige, speed, and elegance. The car is turbocharged and has a V’6 cylinder engine. It is keyless and has hands free calling feature and wireless navigation.  

Tips on final revision

Before you embark on writing on your dream car, ensure you have gathered the necessary facts one needs to know about the car you have in mind. It is essential to know how common the make of the car is, as well as how many cars exist. Establish whether there are garages that service such cars.

Outline sample

Introduction: most people have an idea of the perfect or dream car they would like to possess at a certain point. An essay on my dream car should be started should be started by indicating the car of your dreams. Nissan GTR is my favorite car.

First Body Paragraph: this should introduce your dream car and indicate the first reason why the selected car is your favorite car.

Second Body Paragraph: this section should cover the main features that make your dream car stand out as the best make and model in the market. The aim is to convince your audience to share in your line of thoughts regarding your dream car.

Third Body Paragraph: at this juncture, the writer should explore the popularity of the car, as well as access to service repairs.

Fourth Body paragraph: this section should focus on the trends regarding the model of the car and the sales within the past five years.

Conclusion: in conclusion, most people have an idea of the perfect or dream car they would like to possess at a certain point. The Nissan GTR is a symbol of prestige, speed, and elegance. The car is turbo charged and has a V’6 cylinder engine. It is keyless and has hands free calling feature and wireless navigation.

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